House Removals in Weybridge | 3 Tips from Our Removal Company for Packing Your Home

There are numerous exciting milestones during the house-moving process. Making the decision to sell, finding a new home you love, confirming your sale and purchase, planning for a new chapter – it’s impossible not to get swept up in it all. However, you can’t say the same about the more tiresome aspect of house removals. This is especially true of packing. Our removal company provides a packing service that we can integrate into your removal costs. We can also store some or all belongings in our secure storage facility.

However, many people in Weybridge prefer to take on this task themselves. If you decide you want to undertake your own packing, we supply you with the necessary boxes and paper, if needed. This saves asking supermarket staff if they have any spare, at least!

Even if you’re a veteran of multiple house removals, it doesn’t get any easier. As such, we have listed below 3 tips to help make your packing smoother and more efficient.

How to Pack for Moving House

Start Well in Advance

Of course, the amount of time it takes to pack all your possessions depends on the size of your house and how many items you’ve accumulated over the years. Someone in a small house with many collections will still take longer than a minimalist in a large house.

Generally speaking, based on packing one box a day, our removal company advises starting the packing of a large house two months in advance. For the average smaller home, one month is usually fine.

It pays to be more organised. This reduces the likelihood of last minutes stress and additional removal costs you hadn’t budgeted for, such as the need to use a storage facility in the Weybridge area.

Start with Items and Rooms You Don’t Use Often

House removals inevitably have an impact on day-to-day living, but you can minimise this. For example, start your packing on the highest floor of your home. If you have a loft, start in there. You then move down your Weybridge property toward the rooms and items you use more often.

When our removal company undertakes packing, we focus on seasonal items not currently in use first, such as winter coats, garden tools and Christmas decorations. By going through already packed belongings, you build momentum faster. You can also find items that you might want to donate, put in a storage facility or sell. The latter can help to reduce overall removal costs.

Do Not Exceed 30lbs (13.6kg) per Box

House removals are long and tiring. This is especially true if you’re moving from Weybridge to a location hundreds of miles away, or even abroad. While fewer heavier boxes may seem less daunting, it’s far more efficient, and kinder on your body, to have more lighter boxes. The last thing you need in the early stages of your move is to suffer a back injury that puts you out of action. The bottom of your box might fall out, too, damaging the belongings inside.

As your chosen removal company, we recommend packing heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes. This will save you, your family and our team a lot of pain – literally.

The above tips represent a fraction of our useful insight when it comes to house removals in Weybridge. For more information about packing, our removal costs, our storage facility or any other aspect of our service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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