Removal Company in Esher | When is the Best Time for House Removals?

Are you planning to move to a new house soon? If you’re already in the thick of planning everything, we’re sure you don’t need us to tell you that house removals are sizeable undertakings. You need to book your removal company and stay on top of removal costs. You must start packing your entire life into boxes and decide if you need to use a storage facility. Every decision feels equally important. However, choosing the right time to move can help reduce stress levels on moving day, and those preceding it.

It’s important to state, that whenever you decide to move out of your home in Esher or any of the surrounding areas we cover, there will always be a certain amount of stress involved. However, carefully considering the timing of your move can make for a smoother transition.

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Finding the Right Time to Move

  • The Time of Day

  • Mid-Week

  • Seasons

The Time of Day

Generally speaking, the earlier you begin on moving day, the more time you have to work with. As such, starting at the crack of dawn is appealing for house removals that involve considerable distances. An earlier start allows more time for you and your removal company to complete the process.

To avoid having stressful first memories in your new home, you can even keep some of your belongings in our storage facility. This takes the edge off moving day, allowing you to focus on unpacking and settling into your new Esher property.


Unsurprisingly, most house moves take place at weekends. It’s simply more convenient to work removals around standard office hours. But this also means that the average removal company is at their busiest on Saturdays and Sundays. Removal costs may be higher too.

For more resources and time, not to mention a more efficient, less stressful experience, consider making your move between Monday and Thursday.


Again, it’s little surprise that most house removals take place during the nicest weather, i.e. late spring, summer or early autumn. For obvious reasons, fewer people want to move when it’s cold.

However, this likely means that we can fit your move in whenever you want. As long as you avoid the holidays, you can make your move with relative ease.

At Aspen Movers, we do whatever it takes to ensure your move runs smoothly. We pride ourselves on our competitive removal costs and outstanding customer care. With our own secure, clean storage facility, our company adapts to your every need.

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