Removal Costs in Cobham | 3 Ways to Keep Moving Costs Down, from a Specialist Removal Company

When it comes to moving to a new house, you have a whole list of concerns that can keep you awake at night. In many cases, removal costs are one of the leading stressors. Even if you’ve been through multiple moves before, practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect. When you choose Aspen Movers as your removal company, however, you get as close as possible. With decades of office and house removals experience, as well as a storage facility for your convenience, we make your move in Cobham or the surrounding areas we cover as stress-free as possible.

As client-focused removal specialists, we’re here to make your life easier. Below are three ways you can lower your own expenditure.

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Managing Your Removal Costs

  • Compare the Removals Market

  • De-clutter Before Your Move

  • Be Prepared

Compare the Removals Market

As with any service or product, it always pays to compare prices across the market. As a removal company, we pride ourselves on offering the ideal balance of a flawless service and competitive removal costs. But we still advise our clients to get quotations from multiple house removals companies. This will provide some much needed peace of mind as you proceed with your move.

Check for any additional services you require too, such as a storage facility. If you have time between the sale or purchase of a property and your moving day, you will likely need to store your possessions somewhere safe.

De-clutter Before Your Move

Before you contact our removal company, have a clear out of your Cobham home. We strongly recommend doing this ruthlessly. Office and house removals provide the ideal opportunity for a new start, and this includes disposing of possessions that you don’t truly need.

Only move furniture that you really want in your new home. Donate clothes you hardly ever wear (we support the British Heart Foundation and can deliver to a local shop). Are your mattresses old? Don’t take them with you. Invest in new ones that improve the quality of your sleep.

The less you ask us to move (or place in our storage facility), the lower your removal costs will be.

Be Prepared

As with anything in life, being prepared for moving day reduces the chances of mishaps and surprises. Of course, there are some aspects of your move which you simply cannot alter, such as the distance between your old home and new property, be it in Cobham or any other location.

To avoid unforeseen storage facility and removal costs, we recommend starting a moving checklist. For house removals, these extend as far back as 8 weeks prior to your moving day. In the early stages, this includes creating a moving folder, drawing up an essential contact number sheet and getting personalised quotations.

In the latter stages, i.e. 1 week before moving day, this covers the dismantling of furniture, spring cleaning, checking in with your removal company and reserving parking spaces, if needed.

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