Removals with a Storage Facility in Walton-on-Thames | How the Seasons Can Affect Your Relocation Process

Moving is a challenging process, no matter the external variables. However, if you’re planning your own relocation in and around Walton-on-Thames, several key decisions can make your life easier. Of course, choosing a time-served removal company is chief among these. Scheduling house removals for specific seasons can also improve efficiency and lower stress. While there’s no perfect solution, you may find that some seasons tick more boxes than others.

Aspen Movers combines relocation expertise, competitive removal costs, and our own storage facility for holding your belongings if needed. We complete all manner of moves day in and day out, year-round, specialising in both domestic and overseas removals.

With our expertise in Walton-on-Thames and the surrounding areas, we have listed below some of the pros and cons related to moving in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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When to Carry Out House Removals


While summer remains the busiest season for moving, spring is still a very popular time to relocate. You may need to consider this when drawing up budgets for your removal costs and storage facility needs.

The pros of moving in spring are:

  • You can take advantage of the appealing weather

  • Beat the rush for properties in the summer

  • Less competition for your preferred removal company

  • You can get a true sense of your neighbourhood as it blooms

The cons of moving in spring are:

  • You can still get caught in a notorious spring shower

  • Trickier to manage house removals with the kids in school


Summer is the undisputed busiest season for moving. This could make your removal costs higher, and space in a storage facility more competitive.

The pros of moving in summer are:

  • As the busiest season, you have a wide range of housing options

  • More properties available means you might find a great deal

  • For most people, summer has the nicest weather of the year

  • The kids are off school and there’s generally more free time

The cons of moving in summer are:

  • The heat! Moving in a heatwave soon becomes draining

  • You have to enter the summer house removals frenzy


By autumn, things have calmed down. But plenty of people still make their move as the weather becomes milder. In fact, many people who approach our removal company for an autumn move actually bought their home in the summer.

If you have some time between your moving-out and moving-in dates, you can keep your belongings in our storage facility.

The pros of moving in Autumn are:

  • The milder weather makes the removal process less arduous

  • With less competition, removal costs tend to drop after summer

The cons of moving in autumn are:

  • Autumn has the highest average rainfall of all seasons

  • You need to accommodate the start of the new school year


Be it in Walton-on-Thames, the wider Surrey area or across the UK, winter is the quietest season for house removals. People prefer to avoid the cold and icy conditions. Fortunately, this means low competition for your preferred removal company as well as space in their storage facility.

The pros of moving in winter are:

  • You can benefit from the year’s lowest removal costs

  • On a sunny winter day, you will have a wonderful move

The cons of moving in winter are:

  • Relocation during a cold snap can become unpleasant

  • Icy and snowy conditions might make your move untenable

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